The iPAD™ is a true kitset pad designed to cover a range of options; it could be a one bedroom holiday home, secondary dwelling, granny flat, office, studio or resort unit to name but a few.

It can be grouped as a series of pavilions to form larger accommodation if required. A single iPAD™ totals 50m sq with decks of 50m sq and retails in New Zealand for $149,000.00 + GST. Various external cladding and colour options are available to suit individual taste and context. Of particular note is that the iPAD™ can be either manufactured off-site and easily transported to its final destination, or shipped as a kitset and erected on site by a licensed contractor.

The iPAD™ is the ultimate designer pad - versatile yet affordable. This seafront iPAD is the holiday home of two Californian surfers who ride the Taranaki waves several times a year when they escape from Sausalito. It consists of a single module with a guest suite accessed across a partly covered deck area. The natural timbers are stained to evoke a subtle weathered seaside appearance, and it nestles sensitively in this sometimes harsh coastal environment

The iPAD at Porikapa Beach is a recent winner of the New Zealand Architecture Award 2011 for Small Project Architecture