The Cove House

The brief from these clients was to produce their very own private mini resort. It was to be able to accommodate the extended family and friends of varying ages together or separately at various times throughout the year.

The 1000 m² lot has some frontage onto a waterway where the client’s boat is moored. It is designed as a sanctuary and oasis at once, with a taste only of what lies beyond from the street. Old entry doors hint of a mystery beyond, and on entry into the ‘Lanai” one leaves the everyday world behind, and is greeted by a lush tropical resort type environment.

The building is designed as two linear pavilions that stretch along the side boundaries, creating a private world between. The rooms in these open both ways, and privacy can be obtained from the central area when needed.

Modern principles of design are employed whereby simplicity in planning is key – glass walls slide into cavities and large shutter screens replace them when privacy is required, and cross ventilation is essential to cool the space from the humid exterior. Lofty dark ceiling voids add to the ambience of the context, and create a respite from the sun.

The main living area and garaging are in one pavilion, with the children’s bunkroom and play space above. The garage doubles as extra living or covered outdoor space for the children. The other pavilion has two main suites on the ends with extravagant bathroom areas, and two smaller suites are positioned between these.

The language is an interpretation of the vernacular traditional architecture and detailing recognises the limitations to the delivery of 21st Century technology in mostly third world conditions.