Rex & Elizabeth Street

The main driver in this design is the ability to deliver an intensified development without compromise to the amenity of any unit.  The site is naturally divided into a smaller North facing complex on Elizabeth Street and a larger South facing complex onto Rex Street.  The scale of the site is unique in this location, as most other sites are long and narrow with ribbon type buildings running North to South.  The proportions of the two sites encourage an internal lane which allows every unit to be at ground level with direct access to parking adjacent to an external courtyard area.  The result is a development which is not typical of the predominant pattern of subdivision, but produces an uncompromised excellent quality of living while creating a definite sense of place. 

The majority of units are two level two bedroom townhouses, with a small number of strategically placed single level one bedroom apartments. The internal lanes create a safe zone for parking and access which is under constant surveillance from all living spaces while removing all vehicles from the streets.  The subtle two storey scale with minimal sloping roofs allows low sun in winter to penetrate all private outdoor living areas of the development.